Medical Services

Medical Services from Balm of Gilead

Balm of Gilead is dedicated to providing Rockland, Westchester, and the Bronx residents with cutting-edge pain management informed by years of experience and extensive knowledge of the most advanced methods and technologies. We are one of the only area practices to offer (special technology or treatment method), making our medical practice the ideal treatment provider for area patients suffering from chronic pain and Arthritis, hypertension, infectious and thyroid diseases, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes HIV, nerves, and cardiology.

Dedicated to Providing Noninvasive Treatments to Westchester, Rockland, and the Bronx Residents.

The medical professionals at Balm of Gilead understand that the majority of patients want to avoid going under the knife or receiving invasive treatments requiring excessive recovery periods. That’s why the experienced doctors and nurses at Balm of Gilead utilize noninvasive treatments to make you feel better fast without the unpleasant and unproductive recovery period.

Dedicated to Providing Noninvasive and Minimally Invasive Treatments to Westchester, Rockland, and New York City.